Personal Branding in a Highly Competitive World

John Hayes is Chief Marketing Officer at American Express. Here he discusses the relevance of personal branding in today’s highly competitive and rapidly changing world of business. All the way through his discussion, Hayes pointed out that branding is paramount to success, not just for businesses and organizations but likewise for personal employment opportunities. John’s approach to the topic of branding was perfect for various students from all sorts of qualifications.

John Hayes centered on three primary topics: getting education – MBA degree – personal brand building, re-invention, and consumer relationships.

- Education and Personal Brand Building

John Hayes started out his discussion with talking about the four principles he concentrates on while developing the personal brand. First, stay true to your values, even if you got your MBA degree by attaining cheapest online MBA classes, you should value your degree. Studying for your MBA helped you to become stronger and your personal brand is more valuable. Secondly, always focus on the service to others. Thirdly, understand the relevance of making a difference, an last, be sure you laugh. Exactly these four guidelines helped Hayes develop more than two hundred flourishing  products and activities, such as Members Project, AMEX Open, ‘My Life, My Card’, and the highly sought after Centurion Black Card. Continue reading

How to Use Affiliate Marketing on Twitter

Nothing will get your tweets blocked faster than spamming the Twitter feeds of your followers, says Kate Johnson a general manager of No matter how useful, amazing or life-changing you think a product is, Twitter is not the place to shout it from the rooftops, especially when that shouting is relentless. Instead, affiliate marketing on Twitter needs to be subtle and natural. Here’s a list of do’s and don’ts to help you navigate the fine line between being a friendly marketer and an annoying spammer. Here are her tips used on Twitter for promoting online GED courses and test, and their account has more than 9000 followers, I think we can trust her advice.


Twitter Do’s

  • Build relationships that promote mutual sharing of information.

  • Link to blog posts that are relevant to your affiliate offers.

  • Create Twitter lists based on interests.

  • Be transparent about the material you’re linking to.

  • Provide useful and engaging content.

  • Tweet and retweet content from others that your followers would be interested in.

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What is online reputation management

Like it or not, people talk. Sometimes they say things that are true, sometimes they make up lies, but either way, negative information about your company is downright lethal. Whether it’s a customer who had a bad experience, an ex-employee who wants to get their own back or a direct competitor who wants to take you down, negative information can quickly spread around the local community via the internet.

Before you know it, you’re losing sales. That’s why reputation management is fast becoming one of the most popular services for all kinds of businesses, big and small, national and local. It’s a way to protect your online reputation from negative reviews, false claims and other social threat, ethically and legally.  Reputation management involves a wide range of activities to keep your name in good standing.Activities include responding to customer complaints, asking sites to take down incorrect information and using online feedback to improve your products and services. In short, it’s about monitoring the social media & web. Probably you are aware of all this stuff and already monitor your brand mentions. But there are new threats and this post is about to show you how to check if your brand reputation is in danger and how to protect it.


There is more to Online Reputation Management than only checking the social media, answering to reviews and engaging with audiences. These days both public and private businesses have to deal with a much worse threat: a silent attack of negative seo. You will find services that ask  just for $450 for  damaging  the reputation of the website!

Negative SEO is the reverse of search engine optimization. The aim of search engine optimization is to increase a site’s visibility in the SERPs. With Negative SEO, the aim of the procedure is to reduce a page’s rankings in the search results.

How is negative SEO used?

Negative SEO is mostly used with the purpose of downgrading the competitor’s sites to improve own rankings. This is called serp bubbling.  Another way of using negative SEO is to associate a competitor’s website with unwanted keywords. Continue reading

EngageBDR review

Savvy CPA networkers and affiliates recognize real-time bidding, or RTB, as being the buying and selling of one single online digital advertising impression – in real time. Now the performance campaign company, engage:BDR, has launched a competitive real-time bidding software program called – First Impression. In a conversation with Vice President of Platforms Nick Lynch, Tech Crunch learned that:

First Impression is the first real-time bidding platform that allows advertisers to buy inventory directly from publishers in the engage:BDR network, rather than just from ad exchanges. That means advertisers don’t have to worry that their ads are just going to end up running on some random website.

With access to the engage:BDR ad exchange traffic as part of the deal, First Impression users have the added benefit of a highly experienced display company that has a formidable list of clients that includes: Warner Brothers, Panasonic, DuPont, Dentyne, Bose, Caesars Palace and Live Nation.

First Impression users will have no worries regarding mobile media or online media buys. According to the press release for the launch of First Impression, it is the first RTB option with 3 layers of ad inventory that they have defined as:

First Layer – Exchange & remnant traffic. Advertisers will use this cheap pool of inventory to test and find their offers metrics.

Second Layer – Mid-tier inventory. Advertisers will be able to test their offers at scale with this level of inventory.

Third Layer – Premium Inventory. engage:BDR have integrated its above the fold, first impression inventory into First Impression’s RTB solution. Advertisers will be able to buy engage:BDR’s channels exclusively on the First Impression platform

Before embarking on your next media affiliate service

Before embarking on your next media affiliate service, find out how can boost your affiliate network potential.

Many online marketers in affiliate paying programs are well aware of an opportunity called cost-per-click, which is “the cost or cost-equivalent paid per click-through” as defined by It may sound really wonderful to only have to pay for the ads that are clicked on, instead of forking over a flat rate for promotion that could lead to no interaction with your ads at all.

But let’s take a step back and let that initial excitement of countless advertisement banner clicks fade away – back to reality. The next question to ask is, how many of those newfound clicks actually translated into sales? That is the bottom line… isn’t it? Welcome to the breaking point where a CPC (cost-per-click) ends, and the benefit of a CPA network (Cost Per Action network) begins.


According to Entrepreneur Magazine: “Paying for ads based on CPA means that you don’t pay the publisher until you get the action you want from the ad. For example, if you want your online display ad to drive someone to an online store to buy the advertised product, you won’t have to pay until someone actually clicks the ad and completes the purchase.”

For those of us with a functioning brain, utilizing a CPA network sounds like a complete no-brainer. But getting to the point of becoming an affiliate marketer that is actually earning a significant income from a CPA network will take some expert advise. This is where will become your trusted companion towards profit.

The relaunch of offers many exceptional resources for the affiliate network entrepreneur who is serious about has taken out the time to sort through the endless list of CPA networks to provide a growing compilation of many of the established affiliate programs that are available. Continue reading

Google Update What is Penguin and Panda

The success of CPA networks and affiliate paying sites relies heavily on the amount of traffic that their affiliate business generates from search engine queries. The emergence of Google Penguin certainly altered the Google  algorithm for those of us involved in affiliate marketing.

Google Penguin has two main goals: eliminating spam content and improving the quality of Google search engine experiences for their customers. Getting a handle on Google Penguin and how to adapt your CPA network marketing tactics is easier than ever after viewing this brief Google Penguin and Panda video.

This Google Penguin video covers many methods of generating traffic that many affiliate paying websites and CPA networks may be utilizing including: link schemes, duplicate content, unrelated links, article spinning, and keyword stuffing. Before sending your CPA network into a world of misery, make sure that your affiliate business is going to remain on the good side of Google Penguin by watching this video. Continue reading

Internet Marketing Strategies: Have Multiple Benefits

Internet marketing is an interesting and ever-changing way to increase your income. There are many different ways in which Internet marketing can be utilized. This may seem daunting to the newbie. You will be better prepared by following these tips. from our friend Kate Johnson from Educate The USA. She is always testing new promotion methods in order to reach to as many people as possible who dropped out from high school and could benefit from free GED prep. Recently she run nation wide campaign with the goal of finding all free GED classes from Los Angeles  and even TASC prep in Queens.

Modify your content and headlines on a regular basis, and see how doing so impacts traffic and purchases. You will soon be able to determine the most beneficial tone to represent your business and products in. Once this is determined, you can stick to this tone and create a new image. Figuring out what your customers really respond to is worth the effort.


Create interactive features such as a chat area on your website for customers. Allowing your customers the ability to communicate with each other on your site makes them enjoy visiting you more. It is natural for people to want to be part of a group, and if you give them that feeling, they are more likely to return to your site. Continue reading

Promotion Methods that work

The best CPA networks and affiliate paying sites have enough affiliate offers as well as affiliate marketing options to make their head spin. Most affiliate businesses have a wish list longer than Santa Clause’s  to choice affiliate marketing strategies from:

As time progresses, many affiliate networks may have already found that several of these techniques to promote an affiliate offer have become outdated. Now affiliate programs have the ability to reset the hands of time and put their affiliate network in front of fresh eyes – marketing  to India.

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Reviews part 2

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We pride ourselves on having an exceptional understanding of the industry and will work with you on a daily basis to maximize your earning potential. We’ll show you what campaigns and traffic sources are working for us internally and help you optimize. We’ll also consistently recommend new traffic sources and introduce you to new methodologies and strategies. We’re currently looking to add high volume,
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TOP CPA Networks Reviews


MaxBounty is your doorway to hundreds of high converting, top paying advertising campaigns, all easily found in seconds with our proprietary network interface. Whether your marketing efforts are through websites, search, contextual or email, partnering with MaxBounty is like having an experienced ad salesman on your staff. Let us help you maximize your ad revenue.

Since 2004, more than 11,000 publishers have depended on MaxBounty for revenue from CPA advertising. We are renowned for unparalleled customer service by dedicated affiliate managers and for our timely, never late payments available in multiple currencies through multiple methods. Whether your form of advertising is done by PPC search, social network, contextual, email marketing or co-registration, you’ve found a reliable

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